Jovision Technical Terms and Descriptions

1VQCVideo Quality   Catalyst. Jovision Unique Video Quality Technology which  focus on debugging on DWDR and 3DNR, and   optimizing in Sharpness, Gamma, Contrast and HLC to provide remarkable   Full-Color video quality.
2MFOMulti-Lens Focusing Optimizing. Cameras Equipped with this unique technology have advantages of focusing more rapidly, accurately without shaking the image.
3JVAEJovision Authorized Engineer
4VSSVideo Surveillance System
5SDLS Series Dual Light Full-Color IP Camera
6DV4x HDD NVR Series
7LPRLicense Plate Recognition
8AgiSenseAgile Sense. Jovision AI technology which detects the Human being only and provide much more accurate alarms.
11CPCCost Per Channel.   CPC= XVR Cost / Total Channels that can be input
12SCBSmart Codec Boostering. Jovision Smart Codec technology on XVR which can boostering the   SOC ability to input utmost cameras.
13ColorNextJovision Full-Color series cameras. "Your Next Generation of Full-Color."
14YDLY series Dual Light Full-Color IP Camera

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