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One Ecosystem, Two Empowerments! 

Focus on Professional

With 22 years of professional audio & video technology, software & hardware research, and development strength, mastering the core technology of CCTV Products. Jovision is one of the Top-10 security companies in China. As a national high-tech enterprise, Jovision has a post-doctoral research center, and has obtained hundreds of industry patents and dozens of invention patents!

Truly Customized

In-depth research and exploration of customer needs, practically from the customer's point of view, we do "one-to-one" customized solutions according to customer needs. We truly provide you with unique customized solutions.




Reliable Quality

Quality is our life. We have a complete and demanding product quality control system in the industry. It meets relevant national and international standards, and has stable product quality and performance to ensure that every product that is exported meets the set requirements!



Stable Delivery

With two smart production bases in Jinan and Shenzhen, we can make flexible arrangements according to the delivery time required by customers. And ensure that the customized products and services can be purchased on time and supplied according to our quality control system.



Relying on strong professional product software and hardware R&D strength, as well as the advantages of large-scale low-cost intelligent manufacturing, we can provide customers with customized solutions with the same configuration and lower overall price. Save more costs for customers, and allow customers to earn higher profits.

Worry-Free Service

A project team will be established for each customer to provide meticulous one-stop service from contact, negotiation, signing, delivery, and after-sales. In addition to the headquarters, it has nationwide after-sales service outlets, which can provide customers with timely and efficient services!

Customizations We Support

Excellent Customization Team/Professional Customization Experience

Use an Existing Design

There is no need to make new mold. Only simple changes such as logo modification, silk print changing, package change, and app change.


The minimum order quantity is 1000 Units

Customize Now

Choose a New Design

Customized software and hardware development and small-scale changes are required, such as app, antenna, chassis, etc.


The minimum order quantity is 2000 Units

Customize Now

Customization Process

World-Class Supply Chain. Professional Customization Consultant. Full Service.

Your Customization Requirements

If you are interested , please leave us a message.

Customized application

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