500CH 3-in-1 Video Management Server

1. Description

JVS-VM9800-16DT is a professional 3-in-1 video management server for Video Device Management, Video Forwarding and Video Storage, which is applicable to projects needing distributed centralized storage. This server supports to input up to 500 channels of IPC and NVR, is compatible with various protocols including CloudSEE 2.0, Onvif, E-home, GB28181(Version 2016), etc.


2. Features

  • Video Device Management, Video Forwarding and Video Storage 3-in-1

  • Distributed centralized storage applicable for projects with video input up to 500channels

  • Support Live View, Playback, Video Sequencing, E-Map, Two-Way Talk, PTZ Control, GUI Setting, System Configuration, etc.

  • Supports various protocol of CloudSEE 2.0, Onvif, E-home, Onvif, GB28181(version 2016), etc.

  • Support MAX 16 HDD (Upto 10TB Each)

  • Support WEB (B/S), PC Client (C/S) and APP to access at the same time disk rejection, support automatic reconnection of video disconnection, etc.

3.Server Capacity

  • Video Management (500 Channels)

  • Device Access (Up to 500 Channels)

  • Media Forwarding 200M

  • Video Recording bandwidth (Max. 200Mbps)



ProcessorIntel® X86 High-Performance Multi-Core Processor
Network4*10/100/1000Mbps Adaptive Network Ports
Meory8G DDR4, MAX support 32G
Network ProtocolRTMP, HLS, TCP/IP, Telnet
External Interfaces
RJ45 Serial Interface1x RS458 Serial Interface
RJ45 Serial Interface1x RS422 Serial Interface
HDMI Output4x HDMI
HDMI intput1x HDMI
USB4x USB3.0 and 4x USB2.0
Audio1x Audio
Ethernet4x RJ45 Port
Basic CompositionIncludes three sets of systems (Operation & Maintenance Deployment System, Management System and Business System) and three Terminals (Web, PC software and App).
Operation & Maintenance Deployment SystemFor License Management, Server Setting, Network Setting, Server Restart, Alarm Viewing and Other Functions.
Management SystemSupport Management of Users, Configuration Settings, and Data Statistics.
Business SystemVideo Application Ability Operation and Data Cockpit Statistics.
Access CapabilityAccess Upto 500 Channels and 1000Mbps media forwarding
Device ManagementDevice Multi-level Group Management,Channel Sorting ManagementAdd & Modify & Delete Device Parameters in batch
Alarm ManagementAlarm Output Setting, Modify & Delete & Enquiry & Enable & Disable Alarm Output Setting in batch. Various alarm outputs including Video Popup, Email, Recording, PTZ, etc.
Video ManagementConfiguration and management of deice and video. Media Distribution, Live View and Platform, Sequencing, Video Wall, E-Map, PTZ Control, Alarm Notification, Two-way Talk, etc.
ProtocolOnvif, CloudSEE 2.0, E-Home, GB28181 (Version 2016)
User, License & Server MonitoringDecentralization Management, Authorized License Quantity Showing, Server Monitoring and Alarm Management
Integration AbilityAPI or SDK for integration with 3rd party platform
StatisticsSupport System Data Cockpit and Data Statistics.
Power100~240V AC ,800W
Temperature & Humidity

Working Temperature: -20°C ~ 75°C

Working Humidity: RH 10%~ 90% (non-Condensing)

Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 75°C

Storage Humidity: RH 5%~ 95% (non-Condensing)

Dimension675×482×133 (3U)